Rainbow Flag

Kate Lucyk

Hello! My name is Kate Lucyk and I should give a quick explanation of how (why) I paint:

I don’t work from a particular subject; from a photo or “en plein air”. But I do paint landscapes, always landscapes. My desire is to form colour, line and shape into a “place” that one can enter…sky, land, water, horizon…guided by the seasons that define the world around me.

Whim and fancy. Fantastical and surreal. But honestly? I simply start painting…and then I dance.

The first line, the first mark dictates where the piece will go and I discover the landscape as the paint is applied. And it always goes somewhere – there are no mistakes, no missteps, no failures. One layer builds on another and at some point the lines, shapes and colours click into place.

And my reason for doing it at all? To try and express that sight beyond sight which fills me with great joy and pleasure. It is an impossible and selfish ache to share my relationship with what cannot be fully expressed. Joy. Love. God. The vast and unending landscape of sensation that goes *beyond*…but is so simple and natural. I paint for the joy of discovery. I paint because I do. I paint for myself. I paint for the pleasure of sharing. I paint because of Grace and Love. And I am so thankful for having it in my life.


Kate Lucyk