“October 2011 – Open Spaces/Early Autumn.”

Acrylic on Canvas, 36” x 48”

Finished. At last!

This was the first new painting I began when I moved back to Calgary in April. And yes, that was almost 7 months ago! This was one of those pieces where I hit a number of “walls” where the painting ended up sitting for long periods of time while I worked on others.  But it is that difficulty in reaching a satisfactory resolution that often leads to some of my more interesting and gratifying work. 

 I really enjoy the depth and luminous quality of this painting. There is at times a physical sensation in the act of seeing that is part of my experience in the world around me and I find such moments in this work. A feeling that is both pleasure and agony…heartache and joy. A moment of connection to the space beyond all the places: of memory and dream, of the landscapes of long-time and no-time…of ever and ever. Amen.