A very surreal thing to have this painting, once a part of my private space, suddenly out of my hands and on public display. Maybe no different than any other time my art has been in a public space but somehow…well, it was different. It was the Calgary Timeraiser! So many people…so much focused attention that I was present for, if only lurking in the background ;).

Ah! So much close inspection.. my only wish would have been more space in front of the painting in order to be able to really step back and view it from a distance.

My friend Dee and I… lurking by my painting. Too noisy to hear any good quotes though!

Also surreal; the event was held at “Flames Central”…like stepping into the headquarters of a nationalistic military force. Especially daunting if you’re an Oilers fan…

Congratulations to all the artists and to the individual who won my painting in the silent auction…and to all the volunteer organizations; who came away the biggest winners. And thank you Calgary Timeraiser for selecting me to be a part of this amazing event!