“June 2014 – Water; And What the River Brings Us.”

Acrylic on Canvas, 36” x 24”

 This piece was sold before I even started it. In fact I was well into a different painting when the opportunity came up to contribute to a silent auction as part of the Willow Park Charity Golf Classic in support of Calgary Meals on Wheels.

It was a unique challenge for me to have less than a month to start and finish this painting…especially since my “seasonal inspiration” had already gone into the other piece I had started. As well, this new one was going to be on a smaller canvas, which is a whole other challenge (it is so much easier to go up in size than down).

But things came together very well…very quickly. I had to reconsider my approach a bit as I began this painting. I actually found being more aimless at the start allowed for less revision later on…less struggle to pin down the essential structure and move forward into the finishing stages.

It is of course a painting of spring and GREEN; and the unbelievable transformation that we experience year after year…the lushness of everything…the wet, the new, the fresh. The life from death. Of a beautiful river that awakens into force and danger.

The water bring us new life. The water brings us destruction. The waters brings us hope and change.

 – Kate

Also: A HUGE shout out and thank you to Karen Anderson for bringing me this opportunity and being such a big supporter of my work. She runs these amazing food tours in Calgary and is always busy writing something about food and life. You can also sometimes hear her on CBC Radio One’s Alberta at Noon.