“January 2013 – New Year”

Acrylic on Paper, 29.5” x 14.7”



“February 2013 – Hum and Hush”

Acrylic on Canvas, 36” x 24”


 Two paintings… worked on at about the same time and now finally finished.


“Hum and Hush” took a lot of work to complete. It is a painting…a picture I had in my mind…a reflection of that time of day in winter when the sun has set and the sky is that certain shade of blue. When the lights of the city  begin to click and pop across the wide and darkening spaces.

I am so very, very pleased with it. And never more have I realized how much I need to push for what I feel is “perfection” in my paintings. Of course it’s subjective, it’s entirely up to me. And while I won’t know what perfection is in a piece until I achieve it, what matters most is that I know it can be achieved. Nothing else will satisfy, nothing else will do…


“New Year” is…just an image of a feeling. Like all my work it is an echo of experiences and memories. Pictures behind pictures.The sun sets, a year ends and a new one stretches out…