“October 2013 – Dizzy Autumn.”

Acrylic on Canvas, 36” x 24”

Everything pops and vibrates. Colours push and pull. Lines shake and remain still. After-image effects and star bursts…..eyes closed or open. Light in the dark; faintly pressing and spreading out. Sparks and static and little motes of visible, invisible electricity. Too bright and nearly tactile…this is the world that I see and this is how I see it. Always too much but never enough.


Bonus: A wonderfully generous write-up by my friend Karen Anderson.

And a note: I found out awhile ago that this painting, selected for the 2012 Timeraiser, was damaged and lost during the flood this summer (all the pieces chosen that year were in storage downtown until the auction winners completed their pledges).

Rest in peace old friend! 🙁